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Wednesday the 10th of September, from dana

September 10th, 2008 Posted in Daily News Post

Its been a wild week.  Chloe’s Dr. and I were able to connect via phone after some ‘tagging you’re it” play to ultimately reduce the amount of nutrition feeds from about 2 1/2 cans per night to less than 2.  Also Chloe began taking a daily dose of an appetite stimulant(did I actually see her eat TWO slices of pizza tonight back to back?).   She and I just changed her ‘face tapes’ which is a source of discomfort.  Wow, that skin is pink under the tape.  We attached a smaller piece this evening. 

Last night two “wish granters’ arrived from Make -a-Wish foundation to discuss with Chloe, her wish.  One wish granter is Miss Oregon and the other , it was her first expereience which is just as exciting!  What a great team they make!  Indeed Chloe’s wish is to attend the film premiere of the next Harry Potter movie and to meet …..Harry! (I keep telling her J.K. Rowling is the real Harry which Chloe loves) 

She also had to decide upon an alternate wish.  Its a Jack Russell Terrier puppy.  I must admit she needed to sway me some.  My next dog dream was to find a Collie puppy… okay….another “jack” for chloes continued healing seems more than fair in the scheme of that which was NOT fair last summer as well as the last four years of illness. 

Tonight was ‘Pizza night” at school, an outdoor evening for parents/kids/teachers to re-connect.  We saw so many who have kept her so close in thoughts all these months.  I particularly enjoyed seeing one of her anesthisiologists whose daughter is Chloes friend.  He was amazed to see her eating so much pizza!  Everyone wonders about the tube and WHEN about the tube.  Being close (to having the tube out) is a good feeling.  Her doctors dont want her to lose weight again.  No more sliding EXCEPT for slides!

It was fun for Colin to see many of his former teachers tonight as well.  He’s excited about this school year and being in a singing group called “Panache’ is making a difference.  He had to be at school an hour early for practice this morning.  Now I’m learning he’ll be practicing at MT. Hood November 1 and 2.  Wow, that puts my school experiences to shame!  Woo-hoo I say!  Yay for all those who make kids lives so much better than we had it.  Especially those who teach WHILE putting the kids inside an adventure

Guess thats why Harry Potter isnt just a wish, or a dream…..its an adventure.  May it come to be.

Chloe says ‘ok yeah”(go to print mama)


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