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Friday 19th September “dedicated to Ivey”, the quiet healer.

September 19th, 2008 Posted in Daily News Post

Although I’m still inspired to live in the “now” moments, embracing an “openness” about the past seems to be a key to healing.

Lately, the three of us(Colin, Chloe and I) have found our dinner hour lasting and lasting.  Last evening, the kids’ took Ivey on a walk together.   Seemed like a good idea at the time.  Apparently, Colin let go of the leash and let Ivey run down the hill which made Chloe fear for Ivey’s life.(The street)  In his defense, freedom is a huge value of his…he insists Ivey has the long leash when he walks her. Chloe insists on the short leash with the gentle leader.  When they arrived home for dinner, Chloe ranted, vented and cried.   This seemed to bring up all sorts of things for her surrounding death. The hospital time, Grandpa Nick’s recent death which she mentioned twice.  She put all her ‘heat’ towards Colin.  He was wondering what all  the fuss was about.  I was listening to some of the past creep into our dinner conversation and finding myself in the middle. 

No one is right.  No one is wrong.  All perspectives were invited.  I do tend to give Chloe more grace as her experience was only VIEWED by the rest of us.  Colin took it, as always, in stride.

I explained to Colin what was happening.  He thought it was so out of porportion to reality.  It was clear they both needed something.  He needed to “get it”.  She needed to “get it out”.  

Physically, I’m thinking she’s looking outstanding!  Her next Dr appt is the 29th.  She and I are both thinking 60 lbs!(no we havent weighed her).  Eating?  ….well lets just say nothing is safe in the kitchen anymore. Yippee!

Today I felt the need to take Ivey on a drive to a ‘new’ neighborhood for a dogwalk.  She was out of her mind I tell you with wonder.   We found a park and she didnt know which way to go so she ended up running…ok dashing is more like it, diagonally!  What a sight!  AFterwards I took her for DQ.  She hasnt been to the drive up window in awhile but remembered it just the same.  They give free doggie cones.  All in all Ivey has had the week from bliss.  She doesnt know what all the fuss over her is about but doesnt much care , nor judge it.

Doglove.  It rocks!  Thanks Ivey for your dedication to healing.  I find you in bed with Chloe every morning and then some nights when you know Colin needs you more, I find you there.   All is well in our world with you in it.





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  2. By Kat~ on Sep 20, 2008

    YES !
    Pets can have their attitudes and can be bratty, BUT, they know…….they just KNOW when we truly need them. It’s our gift from God.

    YOU GO IVEY !!!

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