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Tuesday September 23, 2008

September 23rd, 2008 Posted in Daily News Post

Yesterday was a momentous day, start to finish.  I felt some kind of special urgency to move her Dr. appt up a week based on a conversation Chloe and I had. Plus it was my mother’s birthday and she was sending me some ‘nudge’s from the spiritworld.  Chloe expressed her feelings about the tube last weekend. The thing has worn out its welcome.  It’s done a beautiful job because without it…ah…nevermind, not going there…….

Anyway, the Dr had an opening in her schedule and we took it.  Chloe weighed in at 61 lbs!!!  Her goalweight was 58.  You Go Girl!  We slapped hands as if we scored the winning point in a soccer match!

Later her Dr phoned us at home to tell us she had spoken to the dietician and they had a plan.  If Chloe can drink a can of Pediasure ea day along with her other meals/snacks this would make up for what the night nutrition via the feeding pump is giving her.  Accomplishing this goal for 2-3 days will give us the high sign to pull the tube.   Her Dr. confirmed the tube is old and needs to come out regardless.  We assured her, there isnt going to be a need for another one although she did bring that possibility up.  The look on Chloe’s face was enough to tell us , “IM SO DONE!”.

It looks as if Chloe has the ball in her court.  We’ll let you all know the news in the next couple of days. Based on today, she emptied a can before 3:30 pm, ate dinner and a snack. 

Tonight we celebrated at Baskin Robbins. Thanks Chester.  Not sure how you reached the mailbox but then again, we know you have special talents. 

Life Is Grand. 

The Mama

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  2. By Kat~ on Sep 23, 2008

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you Chloe ! We know that the Dr.s only have your health on their minds and want only what is best for YOU, but lets hope this plan works and that darn tube can finally be done with. But if not right away, with that huge weight gain, we all know that it would be very very soon. Keep up the good work, we ALL know you are working hard towards your goals…..High 5 sent your way.

    hugs and kisses to you,

  3. By Chester on Sep 24, 2008

    You know all my tricks…I’m dancing on my hind legs! Wow!


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