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IT’S OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 24th, 2008 Posted in Daily News Post

Yes, the tube is out. I was nervos at first, because I wanted a Doctor’s OK at that moment. But we  did it anyway. Because I drank  two Pediasures back to back. I’ve got to go I’m going to give the computer to mama now.

Thanks everybody!



P.S.  From Dana:  This follows the Dr/Dieticians plan of going 2-3 days with Chloe drinking one can of Pediasure ea evening. She overdid it today by drinking 2 to show she is ready, plus eating a full meal.  She wanted to pull the tube out herself and so she did, but very slowly while Colin and I rallied her on.  She took Ivey on a walk just before contemplating WHEN to take it out.  She returned within 5 minutes to say she was ready, NOW.  I’m glad she was able to choose the moment this time.    She said her cheek hurt and her throat felt weird afterward.  Her cheek may be sore from the continued tape attached to it all these weeks. 

Today Colin/Chloe called and sang Happy Birthday to their Dad today.  He enjoyed the surprise.

Chloe did read her guestbook and also wanted to reply to Grandma but got to tired.  Love to you Grandma!

Thanks Ron, for giving Colin solid information for his “intolerance” homework last night.  It worked he said.

Kid’s (not just mine) seem to have the market cornered on joy so much more than not.  Why is that?  Where is ours hiding so much of the time?   Or is it just napping, like Rip Van Winkle until something big jolts us awake? 


It’s good to be awake.




  1. 8 Responses to “IT’S OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  2. By Aunt Sandy in Canada on Sep 24, 2008

    A B S O L U T E L Y W O N D E R F U L ! !
    It must feels marvelous to be ‘free’ of that old feeding tube!

  3. By Lyne Collin (Montreal Canada) on Sep 24, 2008

    This is AWESOME news !!!
    Woooooo Hoooooooo !!!
    WTG Batgirl !!!
    Keep up the great work…
    You’re a real trooper that’s for sure…
    My hat’s off to you !!! (Well if I had a hat…it would be off lol)
    Love Ya…Hugs & Kisses !!!

    Lyne xoxoxo

  4. By Kat~ on Sep 24, 2008


    So glad you are doing so well !!
    Keep up the good work, you’re
    awesome !!


  5. By Supermanj on Sep 25, 2008

    Great, everything (cheek, throat, etc.) will be back to feeling normal soon now that it is out. Keep up the good work.


  6. By Katie and Fred Arriola on Sep 25, 2008

    Yipee!!!!!!!!!!!! We’re so glad the tube is out.

  7. By Grandma Lee on Sep 25, 2008

    I think we are there Miss Chloe – But then we knew we would be. Grandma said a little prayer of thanks just now. Words can’t express how thankful I am. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving with a HUNGRY Chloe!!!! I love you sweetie. Also give my love to Colin, Mama and Daddy.
    Hugs and kisses to you too.

  8. By Sarah Koch on Sep 26, 2008

    Chloe, I could not be happier for you, and for everyone who cares about you — the tube gone, AND you’re up to 61 pounds — ??

    Just keep at it, and enjoy yourself!


  9. By Regina on Sep 27, 2008

    Yayyyyyy! Its out its out! I check this site more than I check my email. Full recovery and on to the next big step. . .. Life!

    Bye bye tube!

    Miss you all so much!

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