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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 2nd, 2009 Posted in Daily News Post

It’s June already.  How can that be?  School will be out in a couple weeks and the kids will be looking for friends, outings and trips to the beach.  So where’s the excitement? 

Chloe had her talent show at school today and even that wasn’t stress free.  She picked a new song over the weekend, “Operator” by Manhattan Transfer.  Picking a new song would be bad enough but this one is tricky.  Then, four acts before she was to sing a kid dropped the mic and broke it.  Aaarrrrgggg!!!!  It was an agonizing ten minutes before she was to go on.  Just before she was to sing they found another mic!!!  She sang her heart out and was a great closing act, although there were a couple kids following her.  We have it on tape from start to finish also. 

After the performance Dana went back to work and I went to finish up a couple projects at the house before going home to my students.  I was under instructions to not call Dana between 7:30 and 8:00 tonight as Dr. Tomkoria was planning on calling her. 

As things turned out the doctor called her at work.  That’s always dicey with patients waiting.  It was an important call however. 

The blood work that was done last week all came back good.  So I guess we’ll never really know what the coughing and vomiting was all about.  Chloe is back to being “well” now though so we are breathing a sigh of relief with that part. 

Next topic… her weight.  She has lost weight over the past seven months for no apparent reason.  She has some very good eating days and then there are some that are moderate.  Until her latest sickness she really didn’t have any “bad” eating days. 

The Doctors all concurred that we should do something while their heads are together.  So Chloe is going back on Periactin, the eating stimulant, to see if we can get her going the other way on the charts.  This is a “Bandaid” until we find the solution to turn her weight around.  It’s felt there needs to be a Nutritionist involved.  We’ve been this route before but the doctors feel it’s something we should try again.  The problem is that insurance may not pay for this again.  So we’ll dance that line for now. 

Next on the list is “Behavioral Counseling” for a variety of reasons.  One is her pattern of eating.  The doctors feel that the pattern has been around before the tumor had anything to do with it.  This is confusing to Dana and me.  We’ll have to revisit this soon.  Next is the concern that Chloe’s life is filled with events that have her stressed.  This mainly revolves around loss.  She is hesitant to have another counselor, as she tends to get very attached to them.  The first was lost when the insurance changed and the second when she left the area.  She misses each of her teachers as she changes grades or they move away.  So there is a pattern in her life that reveals she doesn’t handle loss well. 

Chloe is pretty much okay with the plan, even though she’d rather not have another counselor.  The other problem with the counselor is that she sees patients on Thursday mornings only.  That means Dana will lose more time at work, something that really stresses her and her finances out.  It’s a hard balance to be with your child all the times it’s needed and to fit enough work in to keep the machine running.  I’m available to take her to her appointments, however, with counselors, they have to get to know the Mom as well as the child.  That will mean a few trips until Chloe is comfortable going in alone. 

When we get more details we’ll let you know.  Right now we are in the “figure it all out” stage.   

We’ve received many emails through the website from all of you.  Thank you for using this avenue to keep up to date.  We feel very blessed to have so many friends, relatives and even strangers holding the high watch for us all. 





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