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Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

June 9th, 2009 Posted in Daily News Post


School is about out now for both Chloe and Colin.  Colin will graduate up to high school. Who’d’a thunk it?  His reign of Senior at Middle School is about over so I hope the shock of H.S. is not too much for him.  I’m sure he’ll cope. 

Chloe is looking forward to a real summer this year.  Last year’s was quite lost.  We have been setting up appointments for her but they will not prevent her from enjoying the next few months.   

The coughing fits she was going though, at last report, have pretty much gone away.  We are still trying to find answers to get her back up further in the charts of weight and height.  She will have some really good eating days with no nausea problems at all.  Then, out of the blue, bam!  We get hit with another backwards step.  Frustrating is the word for Chloe.  That plus scary would sum up the sensations of Dana and Me.   

Colin is looking forward to his upcoming birthday.  He’ll be 14, and loving it.  A complete eating machine, he’s on a little bit of an exercise kick.  I think it’s a challenge of sorts.  He’s doing his 20 pushups each day.  We are trying to convince him that yard work is every bit as good an exercise program…   

Dana and I are looking forward to the summer as well.  We just hope there is some time in our schedules and the doctor schedules to allow us to get away for a few days at least.  A trip to the coast would be great once in awhile.  Of course, a cruise would be the ultimate.  We can always dream.  At least we will be able to have days together as a family for picnics, duck feeding and water sports/fights. 

Here’s hoping the summer is opening up endless possibilities for all of you.  Be well and enjoy. 



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  2. By Kathy on Jun 12, 2009

    So proud of both Colin and Chloe !!
    I wish you all a very wonderful fun filled and loving summer !!


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