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Thursday, June 18th, A Wish Come True

June 18th, 2009 Posted in Daily News Post

She is healed. She will live to be an old woman.  This is the mother’s wish.  Chloe may be on the Make a Wish list but Mama is allowed wishes as well. 

Today after a few weeks of a rough run with Chloe’s health, we were handed a box, a box with colorful hearts aplenty.  Thank you postmaster, Thank you wish master (Kari). 

The box held this: A Certificate saying this: 

“Congratulations Chloe!  Your wish will come true!” 

Chloe’s wish to meet President Barack Obama will be granted:  A 4-day, 3-night trip to DC!  The date of this wish is still to be determined….”be patient, President Obama is a busy man!” 

It also held a t-shirt saying: Obama kid, plus about 6 buttons, a Calendar of Barack’s Wisdom and Chloe wasted no time to put it all on! 

But hold on World…..She has a letter of her own to give to him.  It’s all about Healthcare.   Stay tuned.  I’ll publish that at a later time. 

For now she has had a decent run of days with no sickness.   

And for the record, Colin will turn 14 on Sunday(fathers day) and appropriately, we are having the birthday party for him as we promised him last year.  Slumber party (no sleep) with his buddies, Laserport, Pizza and a New Beginning.  Colin, from me, for the record, thank you for being YOU, for being so incredibly patient this year.  One year ago we didn’t even see you as you turned from  a 12 year old into your teen years, and still, you had “a good birthday” as you remember, even though it wasn’t the one you planned. 

In this moment I share publicly what he asked of me in the children’s garden one day…….just Colin and me…having pizza at Emanuel Hospital.  I made a promise that, for him, I would be there. 

Tomorrow night we celebrate his friends, his love of life, and his tedious awareness of that day a year ago.  “What if all this doesn’t work?” he asked me. 

Colin, I will be there for you then.  I won’t lose myself in grief as I’ve seen others do. 

A year later, we are healed. 

A year later, where are you? 

We send loving thought you are healed too. 

Sign me, 

The Grateful Mother


  1. 47 Responses to “Thursday, June 18th, A Wish Come True”

  2. By Lyne on Jun 18, 2009

    How WONDERFUL !!!!!!
    Chloe is feeling healthier…
    Momma is glowing with love and pride in her 2 angels…
    Barack Obama is one lucky man to get to meet this amazing young lady that is Chloe !!!
    Happy Birthday Colin !!!
    So happy for all of you !!!
    Have a terific summer everyone !!!
    Lots of love, Lyne xoxoxo

  3. By Karen Preston on Jun 19, 2009

    All awesome news, thanks for your blog. I have tears of happiness for all the healing that has taken place in the past year, and a sense of thanksgiving.

    God is good all the time!

    Happy Birthday Colin…

    Karen P

  4. By Regina Morse on Jun 19, 2009

    Wow! This is all such good news! I am super happy to hear Chloes wish has been granted. And what an amazing wish! Cant wait to hear what you have to say about healthcare. Maybe one day Id move back to the states if only. . . .

    Happy upcoming bday Colin! Im really glad I got to be there for your bday last year 🙂

    Much love and hugs
    Your cuz

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