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Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 18th, 2010 Posted in Daily News Post

We are in an every other night situation with last night being one of the others. Dana was up every hour with heavy suctioning. Then this morning everything shifted to long breaks between suctioning.

Dana was scrambling to get ready to go home today and I was scrambling to get my computer into the shop, pick up an x-ray of mine and get here to relieve Dana. All in all it worked out in the end. I got here just in time to have Chloe back in the room for her first break.

We went to Speech with Greg and it was Custard and Coke for the main menu items. She is tasting a little more on a gradual basis. This is a good thing as it means things are probably waking up. Jewel was next to get her mitts on Chloe. We headed to the garden for a walk. Greg came along with us and carried her laptop for her.

In the garden she tried the backwards walker a very little and still wasn’t impressed. So Jewel got behind her and helped her walk the yellow brick road in the garden. Chloe is showing more and more moxie everyday. During the walk, she went from marching like a white stallion, to her best impersonation of the scarecrow. I’ve decided, Goofy is her new nickname. There were times she couldn’t walk at all for how hard she was laughing.

After the garden we headed to school with Julie. That went well, even though it was math. We were only there for a half hour before we started out for our adventure walk. We went to the helicopter pad to see if there was any action. There wasn’t but there was a lot of sun. Then we took the west walk and came in through the south side of the hospital. Just inside the door we ran into Dr. Norwood. They had a nice visit but we had lost her communication board on the walk so she couldn’t be as much of a wise butt as she usually is.

Next we started her driving class. I gave her some obstacles to run around in her new wheelchair. This chair is so much easier for her to maneuver. She spotted the gift shop so we headed there. She drove herself around very well. Then we went back out and headed for the piano. She played for a while and then her dad arrived for his visit. I let her show off a bit more and then left them for their time together. The plan was to meet up at the jewelry class at 4:15.

When I arrived at the class she was deeply involved in building a really nice necklace. The intensity with which she was concentrating on using both hands to thread that line through holes in the beads that I couldn’t even see was cool.

We took another walk later and even made it to the café, but Celeste wasn’t working today. We’ll try again tomorrow sometime. We are now ready for sleep. We have a new nurse but she seems pretty good and likes planning the night. Now if everything else works well.

Be well,

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  2. By Geneane on Feb 19, 2010

    WOw, that sounds like a fun day! Esp. the yellow brick road.

  3. By superman on Feb 19, 2010

    Sounds like a good and busy day, glad the new chair is easier for Chloe to manuver in.

    Erin you can Actually see the Childrens garden and yellow brick road from Chloe’s Room…..This sun will really help the plants start spring for life, and it will be a great place for Chloe’s and the others there to spend some time outside.

    Hope you each had a great night.

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