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Fri/Sat February 19/20, 2010

February 20th, 2010 Posted in Daily News Post

It just occurred to me that I have been starting every blog with the night report. How boring. So today I’m starting with the morning report….. She woke up … after a pretty good night…. Only two wake-ups before 7 am. (Gotcha)

She’s downstairs in OT right now and she has been showing her spirit to everyone. We just finished with a very long walk. I’m not even keeping track of how far because it’s full hallways and back again. And her abilities with this new wheelchair are advancing by leaps and bounds. She’s cutting donuts, both directions, trying to run anyone and everyone over, and cutting close to the walls without crunching her knuckles. She’s actually having fun with it. It’s her independence. And when she is not hooked up to any lines she is pretty free.

When I left for My doctor’s appointment she was leaving with Katie for some art therapy on the Sun Deck for an hour. It looked beautiful out there. I was happy Katie agreed to take her there, as the schedule was too full in the morning for me.

Aunt Laura was there after therapy to be with Chloe until Dana arrived. With nurses nearby that works. There always has to be someone around who is suction trained in case she has a need.

That need has been coming at the most inconvenient times lately. It will happen when we are just about to go down for therapy or just before feeds are hooked up or in the can. Never can tell. So that leads us to our bigger problem. When we get to bring her home it will always be a two person job to go anywhere. If she is in the car on the freeway it just won’t work for one person to be in the car with her. If a big thick one decides to block her trach it’s not like you can just pull over and get to her in time. We’ll see. We are in the process of getting emergency procedures in place for the day we do get to go home.

Since I didn’t get to this blog until this morning I can report that, although it was a late start for sleep last night, it ended pretty well. If you ask Chloe how she slept she’ll always indicate “so, so.” However, if you see her performance after a good night sleep you’ll know she really did do well.

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