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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 11th, 2010 Posted in Daily News Post

As I mentioned earlier, Chloe has been selected for the Hero’s Award, one of only 25 in Oregon. This means her picture will be on the Hero’s wall that will tour the state for a year. Well, Sunday we went to the photo shoot with photographer Joni Kabana and her son Aaron, and it was a wonderful experience.

The whole family was invited to participate, so Dana, Colin, Chloe and I all dressed ready to be shot. The old warehouse district is filled with some amazing history and this building was no exception. The studio is in an old paper bag factory with a freight elevator the likes of which you only see in old movies anymore. Two red doors opened vertically to expose a cage door inside. You had to stop it at the right floor by yourself.

Chloe had to climb about 10 stairs to get to the elevator and then used her walker in the halls. The studio is one large room with props, flash screens and music. Once Joni found out that Chloe was an MJ fan all the lights were on! She too has been a fan all her life and she had plenty of music to prove it.

Chloe sat in a chair in the middle of the room and by the end of the half hour talk session most everyone was seated in a circle. Colin was in the spotlight for his youtube as Joni wants to get into that part of photography as well. And Aaron is a fine young bass player who loved the fact that we are a musical family. He and I were able to speak about his possibilities for continuing music as a career or avocation.

When it was time for the shoot we were all happily relaxed. First Dana and Chloe were front and center. It was fun from frame one. They posed, chair danced, hugged and laughed. I was up next and she and I are always silly together. When bro Colin was called into action he shined. Some of their pictures together were just the best! Finally it was the whole family’s time to get in the shot. The music came up and we were encouraged to move with the MJ tunes. My photographer friend, David Rolin, would hav been impressed. All in all it was a great experience and Chloe got lots of PT with all the long halls and stairs. She slept well that night.

We also got the family to church for the first time in what seems like years. Carl Anthony was singing and doing some of the service. We like him a lot and he took a shine to Chloe the last time they were together. He even sang a special song for her during the service. Unfortunately Chloe doesn’t like the limelight so she made her exit as soon as possible to avoid all the fuss. I wish she and Carl could have hooked up for a minute but it wasn’t to be.

To complete Mother’s Day, Dana and I were able to sneak away for three hours and go to her favorite Mexican restaurant, Woo Song and Larry’s on the river. On the phone they said they were packed but when we got there the bulk of the crowd had disbursed and we had our table by the fireplace. Finishing up with Deep Fried Ice Cream is the way to do it.

Today is a big day. At 2 pm we will be over at Dornbecker’s for OT. But, at 3:30 we will be with Steve for a SWALLOW TEST! We are all eagerly anticipating the perfect results, showing that Chloe’s swallow has, indeed, come back. So, whatever your beliefs or rituals, now is the time to bring them out of your bag of tricks and focus on this result. I’ll be reporting the findings as soon as I get them.

We have an amazing team of support and have been blessed by the love, help and meals that have come to save Dana the anxiety of having to figure out what to cook and when to try to fit cooking in to the schedule. Some of the portions have been over zealous (wow!) but I guess that’s what freezers and friends are for. It really is a huge help. Thank you!

Be well,

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  2. By Joni Kabana on May 11, 2010

    It was a pure delight to meet all of you! And what talent you all have….

    I can’t wait to read more stories from Chloe. She is a wise soul, and I could see it deep within her eyes.

    I look forward to following along with every step.

    Chloe has beautiful support, and it was an honor to spend a bit of time with all of you.


  3. By Supermanj on May 11, 2010

    Woo Song and Larry’s Dana took me their, we ate on the patio, it was cool but the food was very good…..Do you remember that night Dana, Man I hate driving in the dark and of course the bridge had me freaked out.
    Hope all was well with the swallowing test and we are moving forward, yet one more large step.
    The Photo shot sounded like alot of fun.

  4. By dana watts on May 11, 2010

    Its a ritual James!!!….who song and larrys….if you’ve been there with me, you’ve been loved by me

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