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Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 24th, 2010 Posted in Daily News Post

Quick blog to let you know the Chloe Watts garage sale is going well but there is one more day to let ‘er rip. From noon until 4 pm on Sunday we will be discounting most items by 50%. If you’ve been wanting to help but were afraid Benefit prices would be too high, then this is the day to come on down. We haven’t refused very many offers either.

Chloe made an appearance today which was great. She actually sat out amongst the crowd and smiled and waved. She was there just as a little girl her age bought the Twilight Series Journals. Chloe only journals online so these needed to go to the right person. They did and then she waved to Chloe and said thank you… upon which Chloe returned the salutation appropriately.

Dana and I are dragging but it’s been successful enough to appreciate the toil of production. We will be happy when the last item leaves the property though.

BTW, we will even have her tee shirts at $10 during these hours. If you’ve worn yours out come on over and we should be able to fit you.

Be well,
PS… Dana still doesn’t have email. We are trying to figure out the problem with MSN.

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  2. By Supermanj on Jul 27, 2010

    Sorry I haven’t been responding. My life has many distractions right now…..not an excuse, just a statement. I think of you all Daily and often your names are in conversations. So glad the sale went well, and the Oxygen has been DC’ed. WooHoo on the trach change and cap. Chloe Keep having fun!


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