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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 27th, 2010 Posted in Daily News Post

Well, the garage sale is done and we are all still alive… barely. It was fun until it wasn’t. At the end of the day on Sunday we had a nice young couple stop by. They were in the entertainment industry and we had a lot to talk about. Dana started a box for them and they ended up getting about $70 worth of things for $40… but they didn’t have enough cash for it all. So, we decided to just let them take the things with the hopes that they would drop by Monday and leave us the $40. Now we are still hoping they do so, however, it is looking like they will have to live with their pilferage and may just feel something each time they use one of the things they took. Oh well.

We are all happy with the release of so much stuff. It’s sometimes more important that the funds they bring in. I’ve already announced I’m done with garage sales.

This week is an every day appointment week. Yesterday Beth saw Chloe for OT. There was a negotiation over the typing. Chloe reasoned that, because she would be taking typing at school this year, she should work more on her right hand writing for notes. Not a bad compromise… but I think we will still play the typing games on the computer.

Today was speech with Steve. Chloe didn’t wake up until 11 am so she was not really on the top of her game when we were on the way to the hospital. It didn’t take long with Steve for her to wake up and work her tests. She also kept the cap on for the entire time and all the way home. She complained earlier that she got winded and gasped with the new plugging cap but, with distractions, she did very well.

Tomorrow both kids are off to see Dr. Duncan to get their teeth cleaned. Chloe is lucky she has any left to clean. She keeps the tooth ferry busy.

Thanks for all the support at the sale this weekend. Also, as usual, thanks to Tim and Kathleen for the wonderful treats they have been bringing at just the right times.

Be well,

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  2. By Kat~ on Jul 28, 2010

    Love having garage sales, but not when it’s that hot !! A lot of work tho. Sounds like you all did quite well inspite of the heat. Wish you guys were closer, so many little items we need. And i agree, i hope the people that said they’d be back to pay and didn’t, begin to feel it in their heart.

    Good Job e1 !!

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