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Pre-procedure Update 4/4/2011

April 4th, 2011 Posted in Daily News Post

Good rainy morning to you. I know there are many of you chomping at the bit to hear the latest news, however, there really isn’t any latest news. Other than Chloe really is trying to start using her middle name, Neva, more and more. She is also doing a lot of cooking. We may just end up with a dessert specialist chef on our hands.

Wednesday is the day we will be going in to have her botox injection. After that it will be two to three weeks before we know if it is doing anything. It’s objective is to relax the esophageal muscle enough to allow her to begin swallowing. I think 16 months is way too long not to swallow!

The trach being out has certainly made a huge difference in her demeanor and happiness. She even spent the day with a friend over spring break. That is HUGE. Being in public is still difficult, but getting better.

So, with that, I’ll just stay, stand by to stand by. I’ll update as to how the procedure went. The MRI will be coming up very soon as well and I’ll fill you in on that news too.

Be well,

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  2. By Kat on Apr 5, 2011

    Just trying to understand the procedure. When they do the botox, it doesn’t automatically get the esophageal muscle moving ? Or is it that Chloe has to relearn how to swallow with it working.

    Having the trach out i’m sure makes her feel more “normal” and she doesn’t have to hide it. I’m just proud of the decisions SHE makes and how she’s taken all this. Yes it has been a long time, and very tough at times, but God is teaching her patience i think, and she’s doing better than most people would. I hope and pray all goes well with that procedure, and with the MRI, believe me, she’s never out of my thoughts and prayers…… all as well.

    As far as going by Neva, i feel it’s just another way of Chloe taking control of her life and using one of her middle names kinda goes with her new life. Love it love it.

  3. By David Watts on Apr 5, 2011

    Once they inject the Botox, it may take up to two weeks to relax the muscle…of course, Chloe will make attempts to swallow before that I’m sure. Once it’s relaxed, the hope is to re-train the muscle to work normally. Anyhow, the doctor says he can’t guarantee the botox will be effective beyond 3 months, however, he’s had continued success with patients for up to 2yrs, so it’s very possible that it the muscle will continue to function.

    Hope this helps – have a good day.

  4. By Kat on Apr 5, 2011

    Thank you for explaining. I didn’t realize botox would take that long, but i know nothing about that area. All i know is i’m hoping and praying it works for her !! I know Chloe will give it 110% effort.

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