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June 14, 2011

June 14th, 2011 Posted in Daily News Post

It’s been a few days of antibiotics now and Chloe has responded to the drugs. She is still very depressed but did have a good day at school. It was her last day so now we will be officially on summer schedule….even if summer isn’t official or even appearing to be normal.

Nurse E has been tremendous through all of this. She checks in even when she’s not on duty and has a real vested interest in Chloe and the family.

Chloe hasn’t been able to wear her mask for five nights now but Dana asked her to try for just a little while tonight in order to extinguish her fears about aspirating again. Can’t say as I blame her for that. Aspirating spit is bad enough, but stomach acid had to have hurt!

She has a bit of a voice back now. She was so hoarse and sore that she didn’t speak for three days. Her computer is her main entertainment and, thanks to Colin loaning her the power cord, she has had almost uninterrupted use of the internet. I’ll be borrowing her computer for a run to the store soon. There are a bazillion power cords for these e-machines. I’d hate to order the wrong one over the internet.

Dana says that sleep is still not happening… for any of us. It’s kind of amazing how long a body can go on without sleep. We are all shooting for the Guinness Book of World records. Maybe if we break it we’ll start sleeping again.

Thank you again for all your thoughts, prayers and well wishes during our latest trauma. We don’t need scares like this one. Our hope is that, when the botox surgery happens, she will not wake up as often and that her breathing problem will start to resolve as well. Until then….

Be well,

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