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6/29/11 The Ivey Saga

June 29th, 2011 Posted in Daily News Post

This week has been a real challenge, for all of us. On Friday Colin was at DMV getting his learners’ permit, even though he won’t be able to get his license until he has a different address. Dana’s wallet can’t afford the, close to $2000 increase in her insurance when he’s licensed. Chloe is still recovering from her aspiration episode and readjusting to the mask so she breaths at night. Kitty went to the emergency room with an infection that, thank God, was cured by hydration and antibiotics. Then on Sunday Dana left here to go home and find Ivey unable to get off the floor.

Now, for those of you who don’t know who Ivey is or how important she is to the family here’s a brief bio. Ivey Rose is a Jack Russell Terrier. Not just any Jack, but the Jack that probably had a lot to do with saving Chloe’s life. Her dog (God) energy was just right at all the right times during and after the worst of it. She’s been the one sleeping with and watching over Chloe like a … Jack Russell. So to say she is important is something like saying the Pacific Ocean is a wee bit damp.

Off to the emergency vet for her. The x-ray about floored Dana. There was a mass in Ivey’s belly the size of her belly! There weren’t experts on board that night so we were back to her regular vet in the morning. All of us were there.

With no definitive answers we scheduled her for surgery later that evening. Dr Amelia Simpson seemed like just the right fit for the job. The hospital… Veterinary Surgical Center of Portland. She felt that the mass was either on the spleen or liver and gave us all the options. Saying goodbye to Ivey, there was the chance it was for the last time.

However, Ivey being so like Chloe, surprised everyone by going through the surgery with flying colors. She gave up a spleen with a 3 pound cyst attached! At only 22 pounds regularly this was huge.

She spent one extra night at the hospital as they wanted to watch a heart situation that was of concern, but now she’s home where she belongs. We still have to wait for pathology results but everyone is cautiously optimistic. The bill being almost $4000 so far, we need things to be clear from here on out.

This was a draining week, emotionally and financially. How Dana has been keeping her head above water is something I can’t fathom. She attributes it to Dave Ramsey and the class I taught, but I think she is just the best money manager I’ve ever met. However, the emergency fund is gone now and she is still out of work. It seems she is well ingrained in the 10.6% unemployment here even with the loads of applications we’ve sent out. (It’s a blessing in disguise as she Must give Chloe the care she needs.) She won’t ask for help, but I’ll ask for her, without hesitation or fear of ridicule from anyone who doesn’t get the fact that she has Paid it Forward for years!

The Chloe Watts Fund is still available to anyone who would like to pad it. This is the name of a company I started two years ago that is designed to protect anything that is lurking, trying to stop Dana in her tracks. With thousands of hits on this blog worldwide, I know I’m not the only one who is in line to protect Dana, Chloe and Colin from financial disaster.

If you would like to make a donation or buy a Chloe’s Peace Sun Tee Shirt, just send me a note at or (my email may change tomorrow thanks to Qwest) and I’ll send you the address. It can go directly to the account or to me. Paypal is also available. It’s not tax deductible but I know the Chloe team; You’re not in it for you.


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  2. By dana on Jun 29, 2011

    Ivey is resting beside me and seems to have really ‘let go ‘ to rest downstairs. She’s due for midnight meds. Its a vigilant night. Chloe and Colin both doting on her sweetly and yet the sounds of the house are still UNsubdued. Colin playing guitar hero…Ivey seemed totally at ease:) Kitchen noises…seemed to soothe her.

    This was a big day. 2 hours at Doernbecker for Chloe and she was wiped out but up to the task of Ivey caregiving. Like meets like! …oh and PS …Iveys name is IVEY RAIN(Rose is one of Chloe’s middle names:) gotta go let the night nurse in….thanks all for just being near in thought. It lifts me , somehow above the bruised knee’s(from constantly being on them asking for yet another miracle) Atta girl Ivey!!!

  3. By ronhorton on Jun 30, 2011

    Ha, a good typo mix on the names.

  4. By Lyne Collin on Jun 30, 2011

    All of you inspire me to be a better person and not to complain as much about my mondaine issues…

    I don’t know all you all do it…you must have some special guardian angels up there…life is tough but we only get one shot at it…so yep we make the most of every moment…because it’s precious…

    I’m honored to be able to share in your lives…being a part of it…has enriched me and continues to do so daily…

    Love you all so very much and sending loving vibes your way !!!

    Lyne xoxoxoxoxo

  5. By dana on Jul 1, 2011

    anyone out there, like me…go thru crisis ok and then when it looks ok…you collapse. im there. dont ask of me. i will yell at you.

    did i really go to school to be a lifecoach? what a play on words. Looks like I value life over all odds.

    even , my own.

  6. By Kat on Jul 1, 2011

    Dana, can i sent a small donation towards Ivey’s vet bill ? I know it won’t put a dent in the total, but it will show willingness to make efforts. I believe Chloe and Ivey need each other in a huge way. Sending love

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