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Nov 6, 2011

November 6th, 2011 Posted in Daily News Post

Up until Friday the jury was still out on Dana’s job at World Market. She went into this not really knowing what was going to be the reality of the situation. It turns out there was very little training before she was stuck on the register, alone, for a 5 hour shift. Then she was required to move really heavy furniture, some that required her climbing a 20 foot ladder. (Fear of heights) She was a mess. I’m mean, so much so that she couldn’t function when she got home. So, to the relief of everyone, she let the job go. She now feels like a huge weight was lifted from her, even though she still needs to fix her financial situation.

Halloween turned out to be a real bummer of a holiday for Chloe. She wanted to be M.J. but no jacket could be found and the hair color was sold out. Then, with everything else she melted down and couldn’t even answer the door to hand out candy. We HAVE to get her swallowing again, and Soon! With the unfortunate necessity to change insurance most things are mixed up pretty bad. The one good thing is that we still have Steve, her speech pathologist, on board. Kaiser can’t duplicate him so we got the green light to continue there.

Still no swallowing however. Steve thinks there might be something getting down so he will call for a swallow study in the near future. It’s either the tongue is not forceful enough to throw the food back or the opening is still too restricted to received the food. Either way it’s a big problem.

Colin is a red head for a while. He was going for a certain look at Halloween. He looks a lot like Ron in the H.P. movies.

While on the subject of Halloween. We can’t believe the new Gestapo Principal at Robert Gray wouldn’t let Halloween happen at the school. Looks like Valentines’ Day won’t either. I’m just waiting for her to cancel Christmas or require no-one to wish anyone anything but Happy Holidays. I might just have to make a visit. This kind of thing just sets me off a bit. The kids need some outlets. Right now there is no exchanging cards, no candy, no this, no that. It’s no good.

Dana and I are stumped on selling our houses. We can’t afford to take major losses here and fixing them up so they will sell is almost out of reach too. We will see what comes for the winter. If you know anyone needing pet sitting or clutter/life coaching please get in touch with us. I’ll be working for TSA pretty soon but that may be just seasonal like my other jobs. It’s a crazy world lately but we keep plugging away.

Dana had a water main break a couple weeks ago. She is really concerned at what her water bill will be next time as nobody could figure out where the shutoff was for way too long a period of time. There is a temporary patch on it now but it looks like we will have to replace the line from the meter to the house. Hopefully nothing will freeze before we can get that done.

The holidays are approaching fast. Our wish is that everyone will enjoy them, no matter what might be trying its’ best to get in your way.

Be well,

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  2. By Kat on Nov 14, 2011

    I so wish i had a magic wand. I so want to “fix” everything and allow you all to live a truly good life. All i can do or say is “i honestly wish you enough”

    Love you all to God~

  3. By ronhorton on Nov 14, 2011

    Thanks Kat. We are ALL wishing for that magic wand!

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