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Happy 13th Birthday Girl!

January 28th, 2012 Posted in Daily News Post

Last night we celebrated Chloe’s 13th birthday. It’s actually tomorrow, the 29th, but she’ll have another celebration with her dads’ family in the afternoon.

It’s a celebration, even though it is very hard on Chloe. We feel we HAVE to honor her birthdays because we love her so much. It’s hard on Chloe since she still can’t fully participate in the celebration. She can’t eat her birthday cake! Imagine the heartbreak of having someone present you with a cake and knowing you can’t swallow even a small bite of it.

We made it through some good points and some rough points last night. Chloe received a monstrous gift box from her Aunt Sandy, and cousins Regina and Jeremy from just north of the US Boarder. What fun that was. There were a bazillion little presents, all wrapped specially for her, with a dollar hunt that lasted a very long time. That was a laughfest for all of us. Uncle Kevin and Aunt Laura helped with the evening and Colin provided the music with his guitar and voice.

BTW… Speaking of Colin. You should have heard his performance of “Yesterdays” during the talent show at his High School. He’s the fifth Beatle and is sounding better every day.

Today we took Chloe to the mall to get some new school and knock around shoes. It was a tough time of it as crowds really drain her. I think the need for her suction machine in public has always been a huge embarrassment, even though she tolerates it much better to late.

Dana is hanging in there and trying to make a better life for everyone. She still takes on more than anyone I know could or would step up to the plate for. Dollars are very tight right now but I’ve started a new job with promise. I’m a new Aflac agent. It’s a supplemental insurance that I sure wish we had in place before all of this started. There would be no money challenges if a couple small plans had been set up. Please let me know if I can talk to you or your boss about this. It’s something I’ll not feel comfortable about if I don’t let family and friends see what it might do for them. ‘If only’ are two of the biggest words in our language.

So, in closing…(boy is that an over used closing…)… I thank all of you for the warm wishes, prayers, and help in whatever way you participate. It’s all noticed, loved and we are honored to have you in our corner and lives.


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  2. By dana on Jan 28, 2012

    Neva(she prefers going by neva now which is one of her middle names)….we lift you through this tricky time the only way we know. Thanks for bein gracious as we stumble. Keep you’re sense of knowing who you are and what is coming back.

    love you to the blue ponies


  3. By Kat on Jan 30, 2012

    Neva will always be loved by so many and tho she doesn’t like to celebrate her “birthday” we always want to celebrate her and her birth. She’s taught so many of us to be strong and we see a loving teenager that teaches us to love more, so in this we can’t go without celebrating her !! Love you Neva, with all our hearts !!

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