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The end of March 2012

April 3rd, 2012 Posted in Daily News Post

Good intentions on these updates are just that I’m afraid. With my days about 7 hours too short I miss quite a bit lately. Sorry.

Chloe has seen extremely limited improvements… none according to her. However, I have noticed her speech greatly improved, along with her mobility. Seldom is the time when the crutch is taken away from the house. Usually it’s only as a visual to others so they will give her room.

A very sad week just past as Chloe’s little Jack Russell lost her battle with cancer and had to be put to rest. Dana, Chloe and I were there as Ivey said goodbye to us. Colin was in Canada with Aunt Sandy but came home the next night to a very sad house. The extent that Ivey kept Chloe alive, and relieved stress for Dana, Colin and Chloe, can Not be over stated. She was truly a gift to them all.

So, the focus now is on finding an eight or nine week old Jack puppy. If you have a lead on a new litter, the order is for a “smooth coat, mostly white, female Jack Russell puppy.” Not the “short leg” version though. The local litters seem to be a ways off, but we don’t want to get one sight unseen. So I guess we’ll have to wait.

The hours before the last vet visit for Ivey found me really asking deeply for Chloe to be able to produce tears. She has cried since the stroke, but nothing runs from her eyes. What I noticed in those last moments with her prized pup, was her eyes welling up. That’s the first time I’ve seen that. Apparently she has had a one tear episode recently. That’s a start!

The Positive Changes Hypnosis Clinic has been working diligently with Chloe on a variety of things. We are all impressed, and happy, with the results to date. She seems to be more relaxed… up until this past couple weeks… and, I believe, we have seen a better sleep pattern. Amy, Cheryl, Tanya, and the rest of the team over there have given a huge gift to us all, and hope for more and more improvements.

And Dr. Steve has been keenly focused on new directions to get Chloe’s swallow back. Dana keeps letting people know that we don’t want the same old thing every week. Let’s find something that is going to work!

Be well,

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  2. By Lyne on Apr 7, 2012

    You have all been in my thoughts so much since Ivey Rain’s passing…I felt all of your pain soooooo intensely….NO do NOT appologize for this…It’s just human nature…

    I wanted to phone you tonight…Just to tell you how much I love you all…But I couldn’t find your phone number…Maybe I don’t have it anymore…

    Just know ALWAYS that I love you all and i’m always there with you in soul & spirit !!!


  3. By Cliff on Apr 10, 2012

    Dear Chloe It is always sad to lose a beloved pet, but they depend on us not to let them suffer. Ivey will always be in your heart.

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